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Director Of Photography

Susanne (Sanne) Kurz

Adam-Berg-Str. 172a
D-81735 Mnchen
mobil:(0178) 719 84 71
e-mail:bitte klicken
Director Of Photography seit:1999
Ausbildung:NFTVA Amsterdam, HFF Mnchen, Praktika
bisherige Ttigkeiten:Kinofilm, Dokumentarfilm, Werbung, Experimentalfilm, Fernsehserie
spezielle Erfahrungen:green screen & VFX, b&w, reversal cross-processing, flashing, ENR, bleach by-pass, S8, Drehen mit Fotokameras (DSLR, 5D, 7D)
Sprachen:Englisch, Niederlndisch, Franzsisch, Deutsch, Hebrisch
Auslandserfahrungen:Israel, USA, Australien, Namibia, Senegal, Europa, Nordamerika, Afrika
Zusammenarbeit mit:Cheryl Dunye, Jrgen Brning, Christian Moris Mller, J.Rickels, Michael Wolf, Ed Norris, Anna Brownfield, Yuval Tzafrir, Jiska Rickels
eigenes Equipment:ja
Preise-Auszeichnungen:Nationaler Bildgestalterinnen Preis 2009, Sektion Spielfilm
CIVIS Europ. Medienpreis 2004 mit "Himmelfilm"
Spotlight 2005 mit TVC fr "Bayer"
Nationaler Bildgestalterinnenpreis 2012, Sektion Spielfilm, nominiert mit "nicht weit von mir"
1. Preis Intl. Dokumentarfilmfest Sicily Ambiente 2012 mit "Rodicas"
bevorzugter Arbeitsbereich:Kinofilm, Dokumentarfilm, Werbung, Fernsehspiel, Fernsehserie


Links: Mein Eintrag bei crew united

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Persönlicher Eintrag: "I love light. I love air."

Over the past 14 years, Sanne has been able to concentrate on her work as a DOP, and build upon her experience as a 2nd Unit DOP and Camera Operator. She has been fortunate enough to work alongside many international DOP's - including Vilmosz Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs.
Sanne is an extremely relaxed and professional collaborator. She works confidently with all the people she meets during the film making process - entering into the true spirit of production partnerships.
Being is an excellent communicator, Sanne is passionate about story telling and artistic integrity. Supporting the story visions of writers and directors, both technically and artistically, is at the heart of Sanne's approach to cinematography.

Sannes technical skills have grown out of a love for the new and unexpected. She has worked with:
- S35, 35mm, S16, 16mm and HD as well as S8, RED one 4k workflow, shooting on stills cameras and experimental formats.

- black & white, reversal and colour, High-Def and Film, location shooting on print and high-contrast title stock

With a solid documentary background Sanne enjoys immensely the art of observation; capturing the interaction between characters and seeing each story emerge gives her great satisfaction.